All About Brigitte….

      Hey Everyone.. I am new to WordPress and I have created this account to explore different ways of communicating while takin my Fundamentals of IMD. I am looking forward to this class because I feel I will be able to learn a great deal of information. Well, back to me! My name is Brigitte Jones. I am a very unique person who loves to leave an impact on the world around me, while still focusing on my future. I have five sisters and one brother. I am first year student at The Art Institute of Dallas and I am pursuing the Web Design and Interactive Media field. My goal is to focus on school while I work. I am not  a full-time student because I am only enrolled 3/4 the time. This is a challenge that I will need to overcome but I know I can do whatever I put my mind to! I am a very focused woman and I only want whats best for myself. If you want to know more than feel free to ask… I am open to all questions and comments! I think this semester will be exciting with a lot of tools to learn!



  1. you are a very intelligent young lady who i know will get far. especially when you put your mind. i am sure what ever task’ easy or hard, big or small’you will get it done. hope the semester goes well for you

  2. Thanks a million.. You are a wonderful friend.. I am glad that I know you.. Oh FYI… The link to the right that says “dreams or reality”, that’s my personal blog. Feel free to take a look and comment.

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